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Our certified kitchen designers will assist you in making the most of your kitchen, utilizing your space to the Ways of preparing for Remodeling

Begin gathering ideas for your kitchen through internet research, magazines, etc. This is a great way to explore the options available to you and to have something to discuss with your project designer. This should be done at a very preliminary level. Once you sit down and begin the design and planning process with your designer

By preparing for the dust, foot traffic, and absentee kitchen sink, you’ll find yourself ahead of the game. Ask our wonderful contractors on duty for a timeline, we will be more than will to go over with you a time span that is most suitable for you. Knowing what will be happening when will give you peace of mind. As a home owner myself we sympathize with your needs and want this to be a joyous occasion for the both you and our company.

We will go over with you the preference of either having us start the demolition before the new product comes in or waiting. But this just show that we work until the job is done in a timely fashion will wait until the new products have arrived before starting demolition. Although you may be impatient to start construction, in the long run you’ll appreciate having your kitchen torn up for less time.

Your experiences with Capital View General Construction Inc. will be ensured that the job will be done you’re exact needs, and wants. We can guarantee that your satisfaction will be met, and your newly renovated kitchen will have the entire essential that your family will desire when it comes to space, quality and working diligently to your exact timeline.